Insurance companies have been lagging in providing innovative and customer-friendly digital experiences. Moreover, the insurance sector has a history of failing to meet customer expectations due to organizational silos, different communication channels, and outdated legacy platforms. This has impacted the rate at which new customer engagement strategies are embraced. That’s why maintaining positive customer relationships is a must for any insurance company. This is only possible with agile CRM software like Salesforce, which assists insurance companies with offering superior customer experiences and building customer loyalty. Hence, CRM for insurance has become the key component for insurance companies.

Role of CRM in the Insurance Industry

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a powerful tool for ensuring a superior customer experience at all stages of the customer journey. This is especially true in a highly competitive industry such as insurance. CRM helps insurance companies engage with customers in a more personalized manner which has a positive impact on both sales closures and repeat sales.

Traditionally, insurance companies used conventional methods for document management, such as paperwork. Manual processes are tedious, labor-intensive, and puts data at risk of errors. This is where the importance of CRM for insurance companies comes into play.

Here are a few benefits of CRM that will help you improve your profit margin and enhance your customer satisfaction:

Superior Customer Service

CRM and customer service are inextricably linked. Gone are the days when the price was the most crucial consideration for prospective customers when purchasing a product or service. Customers are now willing to pay more if they receive additional benefits and superior customer service.

Effective customer service entails anticipating and exceeding the customer’s needs and expectations. Software and tools help agents understand customer preferences, such as preferred communication channels, language, and other factors. Agents that have this information can enhance the services offered. Agents who use CRM insurance software report increased revenue by up to 41% in sales and positively impacted customer retention.

Secure repeat business

Targets are the only thing on the mind of insurance agents at the end of the month. When they lack access to customer information, completing targets becomes all the more difficult. With the right customer relationship tools, agents can capture leads and close sales faster by using CRM software for insurance companies.

A CRM like Salesforce breaks down data silos, resulting in a unified customer view. This enables insurance teams to cross-sell and up-sell more efficiently, resulting in repeat sales to existing customers.

Personalized customer experience 

Companies are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive world of insurance to retain customers. Personalized customer service with targeted messaging, offers, and pricing is a critical way for insurance companies to maintain and improve customer loyalty. This not only encourages repeat purchases from existing customers, reducing customer churn and increasing lifetime value, but it also aids in the acquisition of new customers by improving word of mouth and prospect experience.

Without CRM, insurance companies lack the insight required to craft personalized sales, claims, and service interactions. Cloud-based CRM like Salesforce centralizes marketing, sales, and support documents in one place. Agents and clients can communicate regardless of where they are, increasing responsiveness, and creating a more integrated service environment. Agents can prioritize inquiries based on urgency, and make sure the right person is assigned to meet client needs.   

Enhance Customer Loyalty with Speridian

The importance of CRM for insurance companies cannot be overstated, whether it is for retaining existing customers or onboarding new ones. CRM insurance software like Salesforce helps agents with everything from managing customer profiles to providing customer support and reminding customers to renew policies.

As a full-service Salesforce consulting partner, Speridian helps insurance companies implement, configure, and customize the right technology mix to suit your unique business needs. We also offer Salesforce managed services to help insurance companies optimize capabilities across the organization and get the most value out of their CRM investment.

Contact the Speridian team today to get started with Salesforce.

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