The development of digitization has impacted Financial Institutions like Banks & NBFC  in many ways throughout the years. To be more specific, it is due to financial technology, which has firmly established itself in the market and offers a variety of software platforms /products and services. As a result of financial technology, businesses operate differently and customers have different methods to access their money. Fintech companies are giving consumers the power to take control of their financial life with cutting-edge digital technology. It is dismantling the monopoly that traditional banks have on assisting customers in obtaining financing quickly. Many things have changed, including the loan management system and how individuals obtain loans. These changes have some of its most important effects on the financial sector.

How Are Fintech Companies Different From Traditional Banks?

Fintech firms are combining conventional financial services with cutting-edge digital lending technology and Big Data to provide us with a more convenient way of life than we’ve ever had before. And, in today’s market, these Fintech enterprises are moving at breakneck speed and have also made the loan approval process faster and simpler. Financial technology, or fintech, companies have found a way for consumers to earn interest by lending money through new means like peer-to-peer financing. This has given the fintech sector more power than traditional banks.

How Has Financial Technology Changed The Loan Process?

The pace at which fintech businesses operate distinguishes them from conventional banks. They provide quicker application processing, approval, and disbursement. A traditional bank may take weeks to approve a loan. Fintech businesses may complete it in a matter of seconds/minutes.

Speridian Technologies is committed to help Fintech companies succeed with its Digital Lending Technology/ Loan Origination & Loan Management System. Our Loan Management solution is a comprehensive, integrated, adaptable, browser-based solution designed to manage the entire loan lifecycle through the Digital Lending Platform and Loan Origination Solution. This software facilitates faster loan processing and boosts business penetration.

Better Security System

Fintech lenders employ cutting-edge technology to guarantee the security of Customer’s personal and financial information. The system relies on tokens to gain access to data from other websites, and it was designed in such a manner that it prevents you from saving or storing any of it. As a result, they can’t utilize your information for any other purpose. Your data is even safer when combined with additional security measures such as website protection and encryption. Speridian’s solutions are created using cutting-edge technologies including AI/ML, and Microservices Architecture, to modernize, customize, and optimize the BFS infrastructure, further increasing security.

More Loan Opportunities

The fintech industry’s new lending model has made it much simpler for people who had trouble being approved for loans using traditional methods. Small business owners are one group that often falls into this category and with today’s technology, they can get unsecured loans quickly and easily. Speridian Technologies is a company dedicated to help financial firms provide their customers with easy access to advanced digital banking solutions that allow for creative and seamless banking activities – like easy access to multiple loan products, credit check, digital document submission, easy loan disbursement, and repayment.


In this era of digital transformation, Speridian’s Beacon Banking Solution enables you to quickly implement cutting-edge Banking solutions to suit market expectations and satiate your clientele. With a significant global presence, Speridian is renowned for offering top-notch customer service for all of your requirements. Feel free to contact Speridian to help your Loan Origination and loan management system get Digital,  swifter and easier.

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