Salesforce Lightning Experience is the next-generation software that offers features, functionality, and an improved user interface. Exclusive features help users manage the sales and service processes more efficiently, and include standard and custom objects, dashboards, reports, and many other tools that assist organizations in efficiently optimizing their operations.

Salesforce Lightning features

  • Salesforce Lightning Kanban view – A Kanban view offers a graphical overview of records on a listing page. Users can sort, filter, and review the status of an opportunity quickly.
  • Salesforce Lightning Path – It is also a visualization tool that can guide users along a Path of processes to an ultimate destination.
  • Snap-Ins Chat  – Users can chat with a Live Agent with the click of a button on a website.
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud – Experience Cloud can be used with Lightning Experience to create an online social networking platform that enables companies to connect with customers, partner organizations, and staff.
  • Salesforce Lightning Email integration– Lightning Experience can integrate with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, and calendar applications to help users maintain their sales more efficiently and successfully.

Salesforce Lighting Benefits

Salesforce Lightning can reduce your IT costs by 45% and has these additional benefits:

  • Sales automation – Salesforce Lighting provides several tools for end-to-end automation of the sales process. It reduces human effort while removing repetitive processes and improving productivity.
  • Fast app development – Lightning Builder provides customizable application building features to create apps easily and quickly.
  • Third-party Integration – Integrations allow users to add features and functions that streamline business processes.
  • High-Quality leads – Salesforce Lightning empowers users to effectively manage high-quality leads to achieve maximum sales, conversions, and earnings.
  • Information Privacy– Salesforce Lightning helps in managing, retaining, and deleting data, while protecting customer information and keeping it secure.

Boost sales and service productivity with Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning Experience offers powerful functionality that can help your business streamline processes and optimize customer experiences at every touchpoint. Lightning Experience’s new user interface and exclusive features improve sales and service productivity and efficiency.

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