The Rewards of Using Predictive Maintenance for Field Services

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Blogs

How is predictive maintenance the key to satisfying more of your customers? Predictive maintenance uses technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics to help you monitor equipment and predict failures before they occur. Knowing when equipment requires maintenance before it breaks down can help your field service organization improve service quality, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.

Field service organizations are adopting software solutions to manage operations more efficiently, improve scheduling and provide a better customer experience. When field service solutions are used with IoT and sensors that connect systems, your organization can collect important data while equipment is in operation.

Manual systems for predictive maintenance like paper forms or electronic spreadsheets are difficult to sustain and prone to errors. Not understanding how equipment is performing also means you can’t provide service to a customer until there is an equipment failure which can result in downtime that frustrates a customer.

Predictive maintenance uses the data collected from monitoring equipment to identify emerging problems and solve them before they lead to equipment failure. With these data insights, your organization can make better data-driven decisions that will save you money and time, plus extend the life of your field service equipment.

The rewards of predictive maintenance

Maximize equipment reliability and performance

Predictive maintenance can help your field service organization improve equipment performance. By using technology to monitor equipment, you can:

Understanding how your equipment is performing allows you to make strategic data-driven decisions about equipment management and repairs.

Reduce costs

Predictive maintenance is cost-effective because it significantly extends the lifespan of equipment, reduces maintenance costs, and the cost of equipment downtime. It costs more for your organization to assign a field technician to fix equipment compared to proactively replacing parts and addressing an emerging problem before it leads to a complete breakdown of equipment.

Increase customer satisfaction

Predictive maintenance improves the quality of service you provide customers. Predictive analytics can help your organization predict when a customer’s equipment requires maintenance, predict when to expect service calls, and predict when more field technicians are needed in a service area. When customers are demanding seamless experiences, the ability to anticipate their needs and reduce equipment downtime will increase customer satisfaction.

Reward your customers with predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance that allows your organization to predict when equipment requires maintenance is the key to satisfying more of your customers. Field service solutions help your organization run more efficiently. Combined with IoT and the latest technology, you can monitor and collect data on equipment to anticipate and solve problems before they result in equipment failure. As a result, your organization can make better data-driven decisions, reduce costs, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and increase customer satisfaction.

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