Operating a field service business requires managing many components. You are responsible for sending field service technicians to provide professional services, routine maintenance, and installations that satisfy customers. Many companies maintain records on paper and complete tasks manually which is time-consuming and inefficient. That’s where Salesforce Field Service Lightning can help.

What is Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning is a cloud-based solution that automates tasks and offers real-time collaboration capabilities. Managing work orders from installations to servicing, Field Service Lighting has the functionality for providing a better customer and employee experience.

What are the top features of Field Service Lightning?

Efficient scheduling

A single console framework can provide a complete overview of fieldwork status, making it easier to allocate, monitor, and withdraw work orders. Dispatchers can perceive timelines, track locations, and assign skill-based work assignments. This will assist in the complete removal of overscheduling and job switching.

Allows field mobility

Mobile capability gives field service technicians continuous access to data, including schedules, equipment inventory, and instructions. This enables technicians to complete work orders effectively on the first visit and provide the best service to customers.

Manage work digitally

Your job completion percentage will significantly rise once you handle your work orders digitally. Managing orders digitally also means that there will be no more lost or incorrectly labeled forms.

Adds a clear picture with Workforce Analytics

Salesforce Field Service Lightning provides analytics and reporting to help you increase the effectiveness of operational processes. Users can review the performance of field service technicians to create schedules that maximize the skills of technicians.

How can Speridian help your field service organization?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning has undoubtedly proven to be a game-changer in the field service industry, thanks to its unique set of tools and Salesforce’s robust CRM features. However, a Salesforce expert can help you optimize field service processes and empower technicians to complete work orders on the first visit.

As a Salesforce consulting partner, Speridian offers expertise in process automation, managed services, and the latest field service technology. Instead of using vital internal resources to support field services, you can focus on strategic planning or other initiatives that help your organization grow.

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