This customer of Speridian and Oracle is a leading Logistics company in Saudi Arabia which serves the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Gulf Markets. Service offering of this company includes end to end logistics solutions for its customers including warehousing, transportation, home deliveries and assembly services.

The CRM solution for this customer helped them to achieve its objective to build a unique operating model which will help them enhance their logistics and supply chain operations and evolve to become a market leader.

CRM Components Implemented by Speridian Technologies:

  • Oracle Service Cloud (Request Management System)
    • Oracle Field Service Cloud ( TOA)

Table of Contents

Key Challenges:

  • Customer issues / escalations were handled by a third party. No direct channel for addressing customer issues
  • The CRM incidents were addressed by planners and since there was no dedicated team, causes delays in response
  • No comprehensive customer repository
  • Unable to cater to urgent requirements on Field jobs.
  • Unavailability of Real time data from Field Agents.


  • Activities gets created in Service Cloud from Orchestrator, this process happens once the Order is ready to be shipped to the client location/ task needs to be performed in customer location.
  • Activities get created in Field Service cloud from Service Cloud.
  • Activities which are created in the Oracle Field Service Cloud bucket would be routed to the Field Service Employees based on different parameters
  • Captures complaints of Customers directly

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