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What is Field Service Management?

Field services is fundamentally a people-oriented business consisting of field technicians, also known as field service engineers or field force, that perform services for your customers at their location. Field service management is the process of coordinating all of the operations conducted by a Field Service organization, such as scheduling service, dispatching technicians, tracking job status, invoicing, and billing. 

The Importance and Benefits of Field Service Management

A good field services management system is critical to ensuring equipment is repaired, serviced, and continues to operate as expected. Your customers depend on equipment uptime to keep their operations running as planned, and customer satisfaction is the key to renewed contracts and increased customer spending. All of these activities can be executed and closely monitored with the right field services management tool.

What Does Your Field Service Look Like Today?

  • 52% percent of field service companies still coordinate work and perform functions manually
  • Early adopter field organizations globally are increasingly using field service as a means to delight customers
  • Replace the bad habits of the past with optimized processes that delight customers while streamlining operations

By 2020, 10% of early adopter emergency field service work will be monitored by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By 2020, mobile apps will be used in 75% of field service organizations

Your Industry is growing, estimated to be worth $4.45 Billion by 2022


  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT)
  1. The Retirement Cliff

70% of organizations are concerned about the aging of their field service workforce

The Service Council

  1. Rising Customer Expectations

88%of consumers expect their experience with the companies they use to keep getting better in the future

55% of customers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience

How can we help?

Looking to provide outstanding customer satisfaction while reducing field service costs? For the very best integrated, and fully automated field service solution, leverage the Speridian AdvantageTM and implement a next-gen field service management solution.

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