The solution offers a portal for clients to search general legal queries and processes. Clients can reach out to the legal team via different channels. Legal teams can also work on different types of cases at a centralized place and focus on more productive tasks rather than spending time in non-productive repetitive tasks. Using the solution, teams can collaborate and chat on amending documents at a centralized location.

Key features of the solutions are:

  • Legal Case & Contract Management
    • Cross Team Task Management
    • Omni – channel support
    • Self – service portal for Clients
    • Internal & External Knowledge base support
    • Cloud-Based File Sharing and Collaboration
    • Desktop Sync of Documents

Key Challenges:

  • Difficulty in assigning Legal Cases to the right team
  • Lack of Collaboration
  • More time spent of non – productive tasks
  • No track of the status of each Cases
  • Difficulty in managing Contracts and their expiry


  • Working on Legal Documents, Collaboration and Contract Management made easy.
  • Client self – service portal which can be accessed from any part of the world makes it easy for clients to raise queries/cases.
  • Access to Knowledgebase for unassisted support
  • Increase Collaboration and Productivity
  • Access Documents from Anywhere

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