A leading manufacturing company in Singapore sought Speridian’s help in transforming the on premise Sugar CRM to Oracle CX for the sales automation, consistency in customer records and streamlining the processes to prevent from any manual re-entry of information in the database.

The solution implemented by using Oracle Sales Cloud helped the customer to capture the sales and monitor sales order details. Configuration of the solution with pre-defined criteria of Leads qualification helps the sales person to forecast future sales. System also helps in the calculation of the incentives of the sales person based on the revenue they had captured for the company.

Key features includes:

  1. Track the sales order under the account as a report in the account sub tab with all the order details
  2. Capture the forecast revenue under the opportunity for certain year.
  3. Auto qualify lead based on the qualification score.
  4. Capture the P O details from ERP to CX using a sub tab under the pipeline forecast
  5. Calculation of incentive once the actual P O amount is captured.

Table of Contents

Key Challenges:

  • Track the sales orders details under accounts as a sub tab report.
  • Custom validation on the attachment and sales stage
  • Capture Purchase Order report in pipeline forecast level.


  • Increased efficiency in Opportunity Management, Lead, Contact and Account Management
  • Reports to monitor Sales Pipeline
  • Access anytime, anywhere through Mobile
  • Integration with Social Network and meeting schedule tools like outlook.

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