One of the largest airlines in United States when measured by fleet size, revenue, scheduled passengers carried, scheduled passenger-kilometers flown, and number of destinations served.

Problem and Requirements:

The client sought Speridian’s help to architect and implement Customer Relations Analytics in order to meet the following business objectives:

  • Track and respond to customer correspondence.
  • Issue goodwill compensation in the form of miles, vouchers, and eVouchers.
  • Track customer compliments and complaints.
  • Provide insight into customer behavior and value of partner relationships.
  • Perform queuing and prioritization of customers and issues.

Speridian proposed Solution and Services:

Speridian implemented a complete Analytics solution to access, filter, and perform analytics on client’s customer and sales data. The solution provides constant monitoring and intelligence that spans operational and analytic sources to create:

  • Comment Code dashboard reports for Station, Region & Division managers.
  • Compensation dashboards to slice and dice goodwill compensation by Carrier, Tracking ID & Comment Code.
  • Proactive, event-based, and scheduled alerts for managers to track points and boardings.
  • Insightful reports to compare station level metrics with system and across time dimensions.

The Speridian Advantage:

  • Incorporated several OBIEE best practices like Multi User Development Environment (MUDE) setup, clustering, HA, DR, build requirements document templates, development, design and code reviews, Subversion code check-in and versioning process.
  • Offered technical directions to development teams to address enhancements, defect fixes to deliver business value.
  • Delivered trainings to several Business Units to explain reporting capabilities and relevant business STAR schemas.  


  • OBIEE, OBI Apps, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle DAC, Oracle EDW, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster

Challenges/Lessons Learned:

  • The report scheduling was not scalable to deliver reports for 400+ Station, Division, Regional managers. Several optimizations were done at OBIEE repository level to enable scalability.
  • The scheduled reports were to be delivered to several non-Siebel users as well. The OBIEE authentication options had to be enhanced to allow for this.
  • There were performance issues owing to legacy OBIEE repository views. These were redesigned into tables, alias tables.
  • The analytics stack did not have time zone and daylight savings support to match with Siebel. Enhancements were delivered to address this requirement.


The following are highlights of Speridian implemented Oracle Business Intelligence solution:

  • Provides timely, fact-based insight into the entire loyalty program
  • In time reports availability for managers using iBots
  • Ability to slice and dice points and boardings across various dimensions
  • Ability to report trends and pattern in Customer complaints and compliments and take corrective actions

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