The solution uses Oracle CX Cloud (Oracle Engagement Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Field Service Cloud) to provide a unified solution that makes the Business flow streamlined and meets all the requirements of Sales, Service, Marketing and Field Service using the advanced features of Oracle CX Cloud. The solution helps Cargo Companies by maintaining their Customer data without any duplication, keeping the history of the enquiries, following approval processes and tracking Field Service activities.

Some of the features of the solution are:

  • Marketing Campaigns  management & Automation
    • Data Management and Validation
    • Approval Processes
    • Sales Order Creation
    • Field Service Management
    • A unified solution to manage the Customer relationship, pick-up and delivery for Cargo Services
    • Customer 360º view & Customer Enquiries
    • Cross Channel Orchestration

Table of Contents

Key Challenges:

  • Customer Duplication in the system
  • Approval Process not available for customer On boarding
  • Customer Enquiry history not stored systematically
  • The marketing campaigns not efficient
  • Sales Order Process not streamlined to cover all the scenarios
  • Booking leaks and no streamlined process to incorporate all the business scenarios.


  • Win and retain more business – with Planning, Execution through customer on boarding, Account Management and Sales Order Management.
  • Booking Process – sales order creation possible from all the systems.
  • No Duplication of Customers with the advanced features of Engagement Cloud
  • The field service activities better managed using Field Service Cloud
  • Real time Analytics for Strategic Insights
  • Easy & Quick Campaign creation
  • Cater to requests or enquiries coming from any channels

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