The solution uses Oracle CX Cloud (Oracle Engagement Cloud) to provide a unified solution that makes the Business flow streamlined and meets all the requirements of Sales using the advanced features of Oracle CX Cloud. The solution helps Logistics Companies by maintaining their Customer data.

Key features of this solution includes

  • Account Creation & Contact Creation
    • Lead & opportunity Management
    • Quotation
    • Mobility
    • A unified solution to manage the Customer relationship
    • Customer 360º view
    • Opportunities with Revenue Information
    • Quotations & Analytics

Table of Contents

Key Challenges:

  • Customer Duplication in the system
  • Customer Enquiry history not stored systematically
  • Lead Information was not Captured systematically
  • Opportunity Evaluation was not there
  • Missing Mobile Access for Sales Representatives


  • Systematic Customer Data collection & Storage Facility
  • Lead Qualification Process
  • Opportunity Management with different Sales Stages to capture Customer, Product and Revenue information
  • Quotation for Customers
  • Analytics to showcase Sales Representative performance
  •  Opportunity Evaluation
  • Record Sales Representative performance

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