Accelerate the Sales Process with Access to real-time Data

Mobilize apps are designed to improve your topline revenue. Our apps combine innovative business processes with leading edge technology to empower your team of sales warriors with the ultimate efficiency of rapid and reliable access to data ; notwithstanding the mobile device they use.
Sales Managers

  • Engage your Sales Reps like never before. Update accounts from the field within seconds. Spend less time reporting, and more time selling.
  • Integrate securely into CRM systems of record, including Salesforce, IBM Connections, Oracle Siebel, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics to increase usage of your existing CRM, and improve ROI.
  • Gather accurate, real-time data while onsite. Use this structured data to pull reports, generate forecasts, and update goals.
  • Make sales resources, content and training materials interactive and compelling, and determine whether these resources are improving sales performance.
  • With cloud-based set-up and configuration, updates can be made from the dashboard and they appear real-time in the native app without requiring an iTunes or Google Play (Android market) update.

Sales Reps & Account Managers

  • Update your CRM anywhere, anytime from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Tablets, or your mobile web browser. Leverage touch navigation, location-based check-ins, camera integration, and geofenced customer sites.
  • Socially Savvy: Mobilize Hive is designed to be inherently social with its integration to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Audit your Data: Track who touches a particular account, lead, or product. Preserve knowledge, enable impromptu account teams, and identify subject matter experts.
  • Engage: Engage customers interactively. Show your customers a product demo on your tablet; conjure a vision of infinite possibilities and excite prospects ; all using mobile technology. Deeper engagement translates to better data and more sales.
  • High performance is contagious. By making achievements and sales activity transparent, it's easy to elevate the trends of high performers and encourage that behavior across the team.