About the Client

The American Red Cross (ARC) is a humanitarian, not-for-profit organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education in the United States. It is the designated US affiliate of the International Federation of Red Cross. 

Project Background

The American Red Cross Biomedical Division is responsible for providing more than 40% of the blood supply in the United States. Everything ARC does is designed with one goal in mind: keep the nation’s hospitals stocked with the blood products needed to help accident victims, treat cancer patients, and save lives. To meet that demand, ARC conducts more than 100,000 blood drives every year. That requires a lot of coordination between the Red Cross, corporate sponsors who host blood drives, and the individuals who donate their blood.
Siebel is ARC’s core platform for recruiting blood donors. All of ARC’s donor information is stored in Siebel, as well as information about upcoming drives, and all of the donation appointments at those drives. Each month ARC makes more than 30 million phone calls and send 40 million emails to 
prospective donors, trying to get them signed up to attend a blood drive.

About the Project

As a result of a direct reference from a previous partner, ARC selected Speridian to create an operational integration between the Red Cross Adobe Campaign application and their Siebel application. This project is part of an effort to migrate their email marketing from Siebel into Adobe Campaign. Siebel will continue to be the central repository for donors and appointments, but the marketing will come out of the Adobe Campaign platform. (This is part of a larger digital marketing strategy, as ARC web sites are now also hosted on Adobe Experience Manager.)
Individual email campaigns can target a few thousand donors, or more than one million. After each campaign is sent, ARC needs to bring information from Adobe back into Siebel, so that it is available for other purposes.  Speridian will be providing ETL (informatica) and Siebel EIM services to support this larger integration project. 

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