As the pandemic continues to disrupt the business world, companies are struggling with digital transformation. Even with bigger IT budgets, companies face numerous obstacles to finding transformation success, everything from indecision about which technology to purchase to lack of internal support for change. Regardless of their challenges, companies realize digital transformation is imperative to remain competitive and innovative in a rapidly evolving market.

Digital Transformation Struggles

According to a report by alliantgroup on C-Suite Digital Transformation Sentiments, surveyed business leaders understand the importance of digital transformation, but cited the many challenges that have prevented their companies from being successful.

One of these challenges is the tech worker shortage currently affecting the U.S. labor market. Survey respondents said they believed finding skilled talent was a key area that would help their companies achieve digital transformation.

Companies across industries are looking for tech workers who can help them use the latest platforms and technologies for improving customer service and business operations. But instead, they are encountering a shortage of skilled workers with knowledge of coding, cloud platforms, project management, data management, business intelligence, and cybersecurity.

With no end in sight to the tech worker shortage, companies are looking for alternatives. Some of the strategies companies are considering include introducing upskilling or reskilling programs, moving away from requiring job candidates to have a four-year college or university degree, hiring gig workers, and exploring foreign worker programs. Some of these initiatives are short-term solutions or need time to prove effective in solving the worker shortage.

Digital Transformation with a Technology Consulting Partner

Companies that have budgeted for digital transformation and cannot find skilled workers have a far superior alternative: working with a technology consulting partner.

Change management is necessary to achieve the full potential of any transformation and technology consulting partners such as Speridian Technologies have the business reengineering and change management consultants that have the experience and expertise to guide companies on their digital transformation journey.

This is not only the time when change management consultants can assist an organization in full adoption of the digital transformation, but also the time to ensure that bad processes are not being just automated. They not only help companies implement new technologies but can also help improve business processes and operations for greater efficiency, as well as consult on change management issues during the transformation process.

Working with a technology consulting partner like Speridian Technologies can help companies achieve their digital transformation goals faster and on budget. Speridian is a global business and technology solutions provider with a proven record of accomplishment of solving business challenges with our unique, industry-based consultative approach. Instead of hiring from a limited talent pool and spending months getting new tech workers up-to-speed, work with the digital transformation experts at Speridian.

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