Automated collection services has been around for a while now, but their future is still uncertain. There are both pros and cons to them, and whether they are good or not shall be discussed in this article. On one hand, automated collection services make it easier for people to stick to a budget, as they don’t have to worry about missed payments. On the other hand, there is a possibility that some customers may feel they are being unnecessarily intruded by automated phone calls or text messages and may even view the debt collection process as being more aggressive.

Traditional Debt Collection Procedure

The debt collection procedure is made up of a number of administrative activities that must be completed on a regular basis. These old loan management systems are typically monotonous, making it simple for human error to occur, and they frequently entail time-consuming manual chores. Consider factors like maintaining DPD stages & flagging NPA on regular basis, missed Promise to pay dates, late payments, being tardy in collecting overdue payments/debts, or an increase in bad communication between the borrower and lender – all of these things might make the process more difficult than it needs to be. This may add needless complexity to an already complex process in some situations.

Automated Collection Services And Their Pros

This is a relatively new invention, and there is still some uncertainty about its future. They are services that work to automate the process of debt collection. This means that they use computers to manage the collections process and to aid to efforts of human beings. This can make the process much more efficient, as it eliminates the need for people to spend time on these tasks. They can also help to keep costs down, as they are often more efficient than traditional collection management system integrated with Loan Management System and also happen to charge lesser as well.

The pros of automated collection services include the following:

  • They are more efficient than traditional debt collectors. They eliminate the need for people to spend time on these repetitive tasks, and they often charge less than traditional debt collectors.
  • They can help to keep costs down.
  • They are more organized and accurate than traditional debt collectors.
  • They can help to improve communication between Lenders and borrowers.
  • It also helps you to follow up & track a large number of overdue accounts in a single dashboard
  • They also give you future visibility based on customer responses to show the predicted performance of collections.

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Few Key Reasons Why Automated Debt Collections Are An Improvement

Improving Communication

Many individuals may find discussing debt to be a difficult task. When talking to lenders about money, it isn’t always the most pleasurable experience. Chatbots, on the other hand, are AI-powered platforms that not only help establish contact but also enhance communication quality overall. Virtual assistants and chatbots can assist you in reaching out to more people. Automated communications can be used to make the collection process seamless and more efficient. Automated communications have the potential to deploy active collection processes which boost your collection efficiency as an agency. Automated mobile communications have the potential to engage with contacts directly via mobile-friendly channels like calls and SMS, which have a higher potential to convert than online channels. This helps to reach people faster and accelerates response rates.

Streamlining Processes

Cumbersome establishment processes is one of the biggest hurdles to providing outstanding customer service. However, instead of forcing customers to visit the branch for repayment, by moving the process online, you can make debt recovery quick and easy for your customers.

Automated collection services help you by quickly retrieving data of overdue accounts, following up on the same and also offering settlement solutions that customers will love, and pinpointing areas where your business needs improvement. This enables a more rapid debt recovery process as well as insight into how long it will take to collect the outstanding amount and the forward & backward movement of NPA.

Better Understanding Of Customers

In order to grasp an overview of a customer’s borrowing history from different lenders, an automated system is needed that can bring data together from credit bureau websites. Although this may sound simple, it would be close to impossible to do manually. However, using AI, analyzing data from a variety of sources can now be completed in seconds, allowing you to unearth crucial insights. They may be divided based on their debt backlogs and more realistic debt-recovery methods could be devised if they have a better knowledge of consumer defaulters.

Optimizing Debt Collection Strategy

AI-powered solutions enhance human decision-making when it comes to debt collection. AI can identify patterns in historical data and provide useful information to decision-makers, making it simpler to manage at-risk accounts. It assures that debt collectors use a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach.

Modernizing Analytics

Software embedded with artificial intelligence gathers data from a broad range of sources. AI algorithms at the top level can process data in innovative ways. They may, for example, extract clear patterns of information in certain situations. When you hire a qualified data science team, they’ll begin analyzing the results of data models and identifying debt recovery bottlenecks immediately. Machine Learning algorithms may then be used to find the greatest strategies based on the type of debt and company financial goals.


Automated collection services not only streamline clerical tasks but also understand borrowers’ situations. This way businesses can manage their other demanding tasks while still providing excellent customer service. With AI implementation, there is the potential to recast the entire process of debt collections and bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers–all while significantly improving customer experience & business value.

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