Marketers say their top three challenges are engaging customers in real-time, creating a cohesive customer journey across platforms, and innovating. Marketers should look for solutions that facilitate meaningful communication with consumers at the right time through the appropriate channels. 

This article provides an overview of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform that enables you to maximize your marketing strategy and customize every customer experience. You can personalize emails, use AI-powered workflows, build a detailed view of each customer, and handle B2B or B2C connections with this tool.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you build customer relationships through various channels, manage communications, and uncover valuable insights to help your company attract customers and grow. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits

By leveraging Marketing Cloud users can effortlessly create customized, targeted campaigns for the intended audience through the proper channels at the right time. Moreover, it helps generate leads, increase sales and cross-selling, and retain existing customers.

Here are some benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

A deep understanding of the customer

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows users to connect data from diverse sources to obtain a centralized view of customers.  You can have a complete and up-to-date profile of each customer, allowing you to make more strategic marketing plans.

Relationship Growth

You can build a strong relationship between your company and current and prospective customers using strategic marketing campaigns.

Customized and one-of-a-kind journeys

With Marketing Cloud you can customize each interaction and serve up your message through all devices and channels. Companies are empowered to differentiate the customer journey by sending more targeted and personalized communications. As an outcome, you can significantly raise engagement and sales.

360-degree view of your target audience

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to evaluate, and interact with your customers on an ongoing basis. Track customer activities and address issues instantaneously. Using Marketing Cloud’s features and functions, you can create a comprehensive profile of each customer and provide content at the right time and place.


Marketing Cloud has recently been in focus as companies and corporations understand the incredible results of using the platform. If you need marketing automation, enterprise-level e-mails, information management, digital marketing, or predictive analysis, Marketing Cloud provides the tools for managing and executing effective marketing campaigns.

Speridian is a leading Salesforce consulting partner providing consulting services that assist our clients with optimizing Salesforce. Speridian offers Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation and integration services that will help you improve marketing campaigns, attract new customers, and retain existing customers. Our Salesforce Managed Services delivers ongoing Salesforce consulting expertise and we offer custom software development to help your company innovate faster. 

Contact Speridian to get started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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