If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand visibility and enhance customer experience, Salesforce offers a powerful set of tools that give marketers everything they need to succeed in today’s digital world. One such powerful tool that is benefiting marketers across the world in 2021 is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has changed marketing for the better. It offers a suite of solutions that will help you manage your online marketing efforts seamlessly and also allows your marketing team to be more strategic and analytical than ever before. 

If you are considering Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your organization, but need some convincing before investing in the platform, this blog post is for you. Here are the top reasons to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2021.

1. Elevates Customer Experience

One of the crucial reasons why Salesforce Marketing Cloud is such a powerful tool for marketing is its ability to shape customer interactions and experiences. It analyses the behavioral background of the customer including details like what the customer has done previously online. Based on this information, it builds a model of the customer, predicts what they will do next, and builds a personalized journey. This way marketers can convert prospects into leads and deliver superior customer experiences. 

2. Multiple Channels for Client Engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has four different channels through which your organization can connect with its clients: Social Studio, an integrated social advertising solution that helps marketers plan, publish and manage their social content on Facebook or Twitter in one place; Email Studio that helps you build conversion-focused emails; Advertising Studio that helps you control digital ads; and Web Studio that offers tools for designing interactive web pages. 

3. Communication Based on Customer Health

Today, it is crucial that companies consider consumer well-being when delivering content. This is one of the areas where Salesforce Marketing Cloud shines. It can construct critical messages depending on each customer’s satisfaction level. For instance, if Marketing Cloud analyses that a customer is facing a customer service issue, it can act proactively to suspend marketing activities until the issue has been resolved. It can also follow up with the customer to improve their satisfaction level.  

4. Improved Security

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables marketers to create personalized customer experiences across all channels, from email to social media, in one solution. Marketers can put aside any concerns about security because Salesforce comes with an encryption functionality that keeps your data highly secure and safe, offering protection from unethical or fraudulent activities. 

5. Better Decision-Making

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables your marketing team to improve decision-making. It presents you with curated information that your team needs to improve marketing efforts and predict future patterns for more strategic decisions. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you also gain unparalleled flexibility in building and adapting the data models within the marketing cloud to meet your business demands. 

6. Advanced Reporting Features

One of the top reasons why you need to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2021 is its advanced reporting features. It comes with a wide array of reporting tools to make reporting as effortless as possible. Marketing Cloud performs all customer journey measurements through different channels and devices, using machine learning and other analytics tools. It delivers valuable reports and visualizations that can help you save time and improve ROI.  

Marketing in our digital world requires staying up-to-date, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the perfect way for you to keep up. Whether it’s monitoring social media accounts, running email campaigns, or generating insightful reports, you can do everything from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

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