Every day, Salesforce provides business solutions to over 150,000 businesses worldwide. In 2020, Salesforce combined its Einstein Analytics with Tableau, a market-leading analytics platform acquired in 2019 to create Tableau CRM. Since Einstein Analytics and Tableau are highly complementary, customers get the best of both worlds, allowing them to advance digital transformation. 

Salesforce Einstein is an AI-powered analytics platform that enables businesses to use machine-augmented analytics capabilities. This includes automatic pattern recognition, actionable and AI-powered insights, appropriate explanation, and analytics. 

This Einstein Discovery dashboard is equipped with AI technology to generate critical insights and predictive models that assist businesses with creating forecasts and receiving recommendations for the next course of action, all without the need for additional knowledge or effort. Customers benefit from the combined strength of Einstein and Tableau to access powerful data analytics that can drive better decision-making and more customer-centric user experiences.

What does the integration of Salesforce and Tableau mean for users?

The Tableau CRM platform enables virtually limitless data visualization and exploration. It provides seamless connectivity to data from multiple sources. Tableau’s foundation technology is VizQL, which converts user actions into interactive visualizations. This allows you to explore the data better and gain a more coherent understanding of it. The best feature of this tool is its compatibility with a wide range of data sources, which provides users with extensive data access.

Whether you’re looking for predictions, suggestions, or explanations, Salesforce Einstein Discovery is an AI-driven technology that identifies statistical patterns in the data that’s being registered and provides you with relevant insights. As a result, you can use this data to build incredible predictive models. Companies can use these models to predict user behavior and preferences concerning products and services.

Some remarkable features of this powerful integration:

A complete, AI-driven analytics platform

Tableau CRM makes it easy to identify trends, forecast events, and make actionable recommendations. Regardless of skills or prior knowledge, Salesforce Einstein integration with Tableau helps users understand data and receive AI-based guidance on future actions.

Pre-configured data management tools

Users of Tableau CRM can easily connect to a wide range of data sources. Users can collect data from external systems and unify everything on a single platform; these out-of-the-box connectors enable users to create comprehensive visualizations and insightful dashboards.

AI-powered predictions and recommendations

Tableau is popular among analysts and marketers because of its automated discovery of trends and predictions based on AI. Powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics assist users in searching for data and receiving narrative explanations, making decision-making faster for everyone.

Prebuilt templates to build AI-powered apps from scratch

Using the Tableau CRM platform, users can create AI-powered business intelligent image recognition in their apps by training deep learning models to recognize your brand. Thanks to built-in templates, visualization, designer, and prebuilt analytics, a team can quickly build a customized app with just a few clicks. This results in a better analytics experience specifically tailored to your requirements.

Seamless collaboration and integration across framework

Tableau CRM is simple to integrate with third-party apps and tools. The sharing of dashboards and records facilitates team collaboration. Powerful embedded analytics, real-time alerts, and notifications assist teams in accelerating self-service analytics and actions.

Tableau CRM will simplify analytics and make life easier for sales, marketing, human resources, finance, administrators, and analysts. Tableau CRM provides advanced and simple data analytics for every industry. Manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, and government are some of the most profitable industries using the platform.

Get Powerful Data Insights from Tableau CRM

Tableau CRM allows users to explore and visualize data, as well as gain powerful insights for decision-making. The extraordinary features on the platform will help businesses reach new heights by fostering a data-driven culture. Take advantage of the latest innovation in data and analytics by working with a partner, such as Speridian. We provide next-generation solutions like Salesforce Einstein and Tableau that add value to your business.

Speridian is a dedicated Salesforce Consulting Partner. As a full-service Salesforce Consultancy, from strategy to implementation to support service, Speridian has the depth of experience with Salesforce solutions. We work closely with our customers to help them choose the right mix of Salesforce technology to ensure that their business needs are successfully met.

Contact Speridian to learn more about the power of Salesforce Einstein and Tableau CRM.

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