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A new city along the coast of Red Sea in Saudi Arabia chose Oracle E-Business Suite and CX solution to manage its end to process in marketing, sales, service and analytical reports. This cloud-based automation helped its investors to rely a centralised solution for all its business processes which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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Key Challenges:

The Organization had implemented E-Business Suite which acted as the property master as well as the customer master for the organization. The organization maintained its sales and lease process for a couple for business entity operations using the E-Business Suite. With the existing system the organization had challenges in detailed tracking of sales/lease happening in the organization, maintaining customer appointments, tracking revenue generated, lack of effective reports, and control over duplicate customer records and major concerns on customer service for the existing customers. Customer wanted to retain the E-Business Suite as backend process making the CRM to take over the business activities.

Looking at these challenges, the organization wanted to upgrade to a better CRM solution which would solve all these challenges involved in their operations.


The organization has chosen Cloud CX implementation based on the features and best in class solution for handling their marketing, sales and service requirements. The attractive part was that Cloud CX offers a wide range of features available which enables the sales team to manage their activities in more organized way.

With Marketing Cloud Solution, the marketing team was able to generate and execute campaigns for lead generation. Data enrichment was made easy with the tools along with notification and other methods.

Leads from marketing cloud are then pushed into Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud offered a mature and complete solution for the sales and lease operations for the organization. With Sales Cloud, the sales agents were able to process leads/customers more effectively. Since the implementation was isomorphic to what they had in the E-Business Suite, the users in organization was able to use the system without any hassle.

Sales Cloud data then flows into Service Cloud, where Customer 360 degree view is available, used by service Agents.

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