Meraas Holdings, a major wealth management provider, was established to make a positive contribution to the economy of the United Arab Emirates. By creating an assortment of investment portfolios across industry sectors, their objective is to generate long-term growth for the development of Dubai. Meraas is both a Real Estate Developer and an Asset Management organization.

Customer situation:

Meraas was looking to implement both a Service and Marketing Cloud solution. Their objectives were to achieve:

  • A simple, efficient, and comprehensive Marketing solution
  • A robust platform for creating and executing targeted campaigns.
  • An Outreach solution to provide more options and to improve the customer experience during campaigns
  • An enhanced social presence
  • A powerful analytical tool, allowing the company to maintain a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Reporting ability to track process performance and to monitor the marketing cycle in real time

Speridian solution:

After careful review, Speridian suggested the adoption of the Oracle Service Cloud and the Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions. These solutions provided:

  • An efficient, simple and comprehensive Marketing solution
  • A robust platform, enabling Marketing Managers to create and execute well targeted campaigns
  • An Outreach solution to improve campaign focus and results
  • An enhanced Social Media presence
  • Strong analytical tools provide a 360-degree view of the customer, their processes, and the marketing cycle.

Technologies used:

Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud – Eloqua

Business Impact:

Speridian’s implementation of the Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud revolutionized the client’s business, unleashing their Marketing outreach program. They could now segment their business using targeted analysis, consistent branding, and standardized metrics. This combination streamlined their outreach process, making it more responsive, efficient, and productive.

  • Achieved 360-degree customer insight
  • Better insight and visibility regarding Service and Marketing activities
  • Standardized marketing collateral and branding
  • Effective and measurable outreach
  • Better segmentation, facilitating better targeted Campaigns
  • Increased the Click Through Rate
  • Allows Marketing campaign creation to be brought in-house with the Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Allowed the integration of backend Enterprise Resource Planning through targeted middleware
  • Supported the development of portals for different customer segments

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