About the Client:

Our client is a global company with a broad range of well-known brands and products. Their four main divisions are Global Batteries & Appliances; Pet, Home & Garden; Hardware & Home Improvement; and Global Auto Care.


Our client, a leading supplier of locks globally, is introducing a new set of secure WiFi and Bluetooth enabled locks which can be controlled via a mobile application on both iPhone and Android devices.  


Speridan’s IoT experts developed an Internet of Things (IoT) solution in order to create the Wi-Fi enabled lock. This innovation is a first of its kind and is set to be a pioneering initiative within the security industry.

These state-of-the-art locks have an AWS hosted serverless back-end and a native mobile application front-end to give end-users the ability to control the locks from anywhere in the world. Devices can connect directly to AWS IoT Platform using the device’s credentials, which are stored on the locks and the policies are managed in AWS IoT. Each lock has its own unique address which can be connected through Web and Mobile Apps. The IoT platform authenticates the devices and securely transfers device data to the lock components.

In order to deliver the mobile application portion of this overall IoT solution, we roped in our industry leading mobility team. Having developed a wide range of enterprise mobile applications across multiple platforms, Speridian brings a depth of skill and expertise in the Mobility frontier.


The IoT software that Speridian implemented is able to retrieve a list of locks, update the state and data associated with a lock, decommission a lock, and overall control the lock remotely either through a web or mobile application. The integrated Wi-Fi enabled locks using AWS IoT components include features such as battery percentage, lock state, and lock/unlock trigger. The mobile application is set to launch to the public in July 2019.

Technologies Used: AWS, IoT, .NET / ASP.NET, JavaScript frameworks (Angular, JQuery, etc.), Nodejs

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