SAP CRM Migration, Automated

Supercharge your cloud transformation with speed,flexibility, and quality

Why SAP Migration with conemis

Legacy SAP CRM systems with multiple customizations, poor data quality, and high maintenance costs can impact future business growth. Extending, replacing, consolidating, or upgrading the system with new cloud applications also requires a lot of time and effort.

What if there was an easier way to

achieve modernization?

Integrating new business applications can:

Modernize the technology stack


Improve functionality


Add another data model


And much more

Whether you are extending or replacing an existing SAP CRM with Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP Cloud 4 Customer, or Oracle CX, it’s an opportunity to future-proof your business.

Automating the Whole Process

Modernizing SAP CRM with a new cloud solution while reducing risk is what automation with conemis is all about.

Moving to the cloud is never trivial, and managing the transition from legacy applications is both a risk and a challenge. Automating the transition removes tedious, error-prone manual processes, reduces risk, and manages quality. Organizations that use automation have greater flexibility and speed when modernizing their SAP CRM.

conemis transition cloud covers the complete lifecycle of a CRM data migration:






Speridian and Conemis Partnership

Achieve innovation faster with help from Speridian

Speridian Technologies is a global business and technology solutions provider that helps clients modernize their businesses through digital transformation. By automating the implementation process, with conemis, Speridian can help you meet your business goals, resolve any challenges, all while managing data migration in an efficient and timely manner.

conemis automation takes the pain out of transforming legacy applications. Modernize your SAP CRM and achieve innovation faster with help from Speridian.

Let us help you maximize your technology investment.