In our digital world, businesses are feeling pressured to provide solutions at break-neck speed to maintain their competitive edge while adhering to industry-specific regulations.

With Speridian’s Quality Assurance Performance testing team, we’ll test your business applications against our rigorous standards and procedures. We’ll assist you in continuing to deliver excellent service to your clients while staying within the guidelines of industry regulations. We’ll ensure your mission critical applications are reliable and secure, providing an exemplary customer experience at a lower cost.

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Functional Automation Testing

Uncover issues in the code quickly and without human error. By leveraging the latest in AI, we:

  • Create automated execution methods and learning techniques that mimic human users
  • Maintain our repository of test scripts for fast and easy deployment
  • Achieve faster time to market and increase customer satisfaction with reliable applications


Performance Testing

Make sure you have the right framework and infrastructure to support your business-critical applications. Work with our team to:

  • Conduct rigorous load and performance testing that mimics human users
  • Decrease lag or performance issues during peak usage periods
  • Release updates to business-critical applications with confidence


Mobile Testing

Provide a seamless user experience across multiple devices. Our mobile testing resources:

  • Ensure your end-users enjoy a customized, seamless mobile experience across multiple channels
  • Utilize script-less automation framework to test mobile applications supporting both Android and iOS
  • Increase end-user productivity allowing them to access and update information on the fly


Staff Augmentation

Even if you have a dedicated Quality Assurance team in house tied up on other projects, or you’re currently building a team from scratch, leverage our full-time QA Engineers to contribute to your project’s quality. Our resources can be utilized on a:

  • Part-time/Full-Time basis
  • Project basis
  • Overlay or consultancy basis

Our resources are skilled, talented, and attentive to detail, and will ensure your project is delivered on time and under budget


Speridian Advantage

30+ dedicated Consultants worldwide with comprehensive QA knowledge

Automation Testing using the latest technology such as HP UFT and Selenium

Experience across many industries in both public and private sectors

Center of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to providing fast deliverables

Advisory services to help you build robust quality assurance practices

Quality Assurance Performance Testing in Action


Creating a Branded SharePoint Online Site for a Renowned Luxury Apparel Brand
Creating a Branded SharePoint Online Site for a Renowned Luxury Apparel Brand

Founded in 2002, our client is a luxury apparel and accessories brand renowned for their comfortable silhouettes and high-end fabrics.

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