How Case Management Software Empowers Government Agencies to Help Citizens

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Blogs

Case management is required by many government agencies, such as health and human services, to serve the public. However, most government agencies use case management legacy systems and methods that are manual, time-consuming, and can’t keep up with the public demand for digital services.

Case managers using manual methods have little insight into how to strategically proceed with a case or to respond effectively to service requests. They are often frustrated by disparate systems for keeping data and the number of hours spent on redundant work. As a result, they can only deliver poor customer experiences to citizens.

According to The 2021 State CIO Survey from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, respondents indicated that better online experiences for citizens, and empowering frontline employees to collaborate and increase productivity were driving factors for digital transformation. Case management software is a cloud-based solution that digitally transforms the coordination of knowledge, communications, workflow, and other resources for case managers.

Government agencies face the challenge of responding to citizen demands while managing complex processes using manual methods. The key benefits of modernizing with software for case management include:

Quick access to centralized data

Disparate legacy systems not only make it tough for case managers to find information quickly but also are expensive to maintain while manual methods of record-keeping are prone to human error. Case management software centralizes data and helps government agencies manage the complex case management process within one secure platform. With remote and hybrid work becoming more common, case management in the cloud allows authorized users to access real-time data from anywhere at any time.

Improved productivity and collaboration

Case managers no longer have to work with confusing spreadsheets, but can work more efficiently and productively with case management software that houses data in one place. Cases can be resolved faster with tools for collaboration and communication that helps users work together and find a faster resolution to cases. In addition, manual workflows and processes can be automated so that government agencies can manage large volumes of cases while increasing the value of services offered to citizens.

Collect customer data, but also understand it

Old legacy systems and manual methods of case management used by government agencies are unable to provide the insights case managers need to make strategic decisions to advance a case. With disparate systems for keeping data and a lack of analytics or reporting tools, case managers can’t analyze data to understand how a case is progressing. Using case management software enables government agencies to collect data within one system, but also understand it with 360-degree views of customers, plus tools for analytics and reporting.

Offer personalized customer experiences

Case management software enables government agencies to provide self-service portals to citizens and communicate with them on their preferred channels, such as email, phone, text, and chat. Customer data with important information, including past interactions, can be quickly accessed by case managers and customer service representatives to respond to requests and queries effectively. Having customer data at the ready ensures government agencies can offer the personalized customer experiences in demand by citizens.

Empowering government agencies with case management software


Government agencies are struggling to meet the demand by citizens for digital services due to old legacy systems and manual methods of case management. Manual methods of case management simply can’t provide the insights to advance cases or the ability to deliver satisfying customer experiences. Software for case management can streamline the case management process for better collaboration and communication, improving productivity and resolving cases faster. With 360-degree views and customer data at the ready, agencies can offer citizens greater value while managing cases effectively.

Speridian is a global business and technology solutions provider that helps clients modernize their businesses through digital transformation. We have a proud history of assisting government agencies with modernizing the case management process so that your organization can provide citizens with greater value and better outcomes.

Speridian’s CaseXellence provides a solution for government agencies to meet the ever-growing demands of public assistance programs. The CaseXellence platform is built leveraging Speridian’s decades of experience implementing case management solutions for public sector agency programs.

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