Why Sales Teams Need Salesforce CPQ

by | Dec 18, 2023

Customers want to receive quotes from your business without delay. To prevent them from going to the competition, your sales team can’t waste time searching for pricing or manually putting together a quote that might contain errors. Efficiently creating quotes that are consistent, accurate, and optimized with the right products, pricing, and discounts requires a sales tool like Salesforce CPQ.

What are the benefits of Salesforce CPQ?

The sales quotation process is notorious for slowing down a potential deal. A study by Pace Productivity reported that sales representatives spend an average of 23% of their time each week on administrative tasks instead of selling. To beat the competition, sales teams need to speed up the sales quoting process and simplify its complexity.

Salesforce CPQ is a configure price quote solution that streamlines the process for sales teams providing the right combination of quoted items, pricing, and necessary discounting to generate more business. It is natively part of Salesforce Sales Cloud and therefore provides out-of-the-box integration with all the leading ERP platforms, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Work Day.

Salesforce CPQ Vs Vlocity CPQ

Instead of relying on information from disparate sources, like individual spreadsheets or catalogs, companies can now ensure all business channels (direct sales teams, brokers, dealers, etc.) have uniform access to the enterprise source of truth. With pre-defined workflows and discount rules, the velocity at which professional quotes with the right selection of products and pricing can be optimized. Bottom line: more quotes leads to more revenue.

Once a quote has been created, managing it is a natural, intuitive act with extensive versioning and quality control. If a quote needs to be adjusted, CPQ makes it easy to revise the quote as necessary to close the deal. CPQ enables sales teams, brokers, dealers, and partners to provide hyper-responsiveness to their customers and prospective customers in ways that make it easier to do business with.

Additional Salesforce CPQ benefits include:

    • Consistent and accurate pricing and discounting
    • Guided selling to simplify the entire quoting process
    • Configurable product bundles to incentivize customers
    • Customizable quote templates and related collateral
    • Intuitive, designed with salespeople in mind

Modernize Sales Quoting with a Salesforce CPQ Consultant

Salesforce CPQ is a valuable tool that modernizes the sales quoting process, allowing sales teams and partners to create quotes quickly and accurately, leading to new and expanded business.

To maximize the value of CPQ, one of Speridian Technologies’ certified specialists can help your modernization effort get off on the right foot. Whether you are considering CPQ for your sales processes or are ready for implementation, Speridian’s team of experts will ensure your CPQ is successful.

and let us show you how Salesforce CPQ can modernize your omni-channel sales quoting process.