The Solution uses Oracle CX (Oracle Engagement Cloud & Marketing Cloud) Cloud’s agility and advanced features which can make the Business flow automated and user friendly both in Marketing and CRM perspective which is a sigh for both sales and marketing team. By using the solution, Real estate Industry can make their business process and customer management maximum automated with less human intervention with the latest implemented features of Oracle Cloud CX. The solution provides Marketing, Sales and Service capabilities for all kinds of Real estate Business. System is accessible across and data will be secured in Cloud.

Key features of this solution includes

  • CRM Analytics , follow up & On boarding
    • CRM Mobile App
    • Activities & Tasks reminder for Sales Rep to retain Customer.
    • Customer Service and Support
    • Product Promotion
    • User access according to user Role hierarchy to analyse Sales activities.
    • Customer Details made more accurate.
    •  Automated Lead Assignment, Marketing, & Service activities with advanced features.
    • Assignment of Lead to Sales Rep with Round Robin feature.
    • Optimised Service Request and Knowledge Management features.

Table of Contents

Key Challenges:

  • Marketing process where unwieldy.
  • Customer Detail Management was improper.
  • Under Optimised customer data
  • Imprudent follow up activities
  • Proper service support and resolution was in limbo.


  • Perfect manoeuvre of Marketing and Customer Management process.
  • Sales forecast based on Previous Sales history
  • Customer Relationship activities brought under a single roof.
  • Helps sales reps to identify the potential customer and provide best in class solution.
  • Customer Satisfaction– with both the pre & post sales services.
  • Easy & Quick Marketing Campaign process.
  • Pro – actively interact with Prospects.
  • Sales Forecasting according to previous performance.
  • Deliver relevant knowledge support for all customer interactions.

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