How a large credit counselor leveraged the latest in cloud technology to simplify business processes and create a faster, more responsive tomorrow-proof environment

The highly-regulated finance industry is historically slow to change with engrained business practices and healthy competition. To meet the increasing demands of both consumers and businesses, financial institutions need to consider how they can break the mold of the old standards to stay competitive. Cloud computing allows finance to transform the way they serve customers and keep up with the growing demand in their market. Below is a snapshot of how cloud computing completely transformed operations for a large Credit Counselor, with positive impacts that exceeded their expectations.


Due to sudden growth for our client within the Credit Counseling and Finance industry, they found their existing application landscape no longer worked well for them. They experienced many performance and functionality growing pains, which led to lines of business going out an acquiring their own solutions. With lots of vendor changes, the IT department struggled to properly maintain a disparate landscape and multi-platform architecture. It became increasingly challenging to consolidate information on production and pre-production environments, and without proper inventory quick decision making and transparency suffered. With many scattered environments, the IT departments ability to properly troubleshoot issues for lines of business in a timely manner suffered, leading to internal strife.


To get a baseline, Speridian conducted a cloud assessment to determine where cloud transformation would provide the biggest impact throughout the client’s organization while uncovering associated risks. Speridian combed through the entire organization to get an accurate application inventory, leaving no stone unturned. While conducting the cloud assessment, Speridian also completed a risk assessment with emphasis on disaster recovery and backup strategies to ensure organizational preparedness in worst-case scenarios. After crunching the data, Speridian helped the client identify a set of applications and corresponding functionality that could be decommissioned due to lack of use, immediately impacting the client’s bottom line. Once a migration plan was agreed upon, Speridian helped the client migrate 38 applications to AWS Public Cloud with the appropriate security and disaster recovery measures in place. For ease of maintenance, the client was able to monitor and quickly troubleshoot issues, including proactive measures, all through a single pane of glass.  


The client noticed major improvements right away in application performance. With the single paned monitoring view, the IT department was able to take immediate action, improving employee experience and satisfaction. Since the system was designed specifically to fluctuate according to traffic and business needs, the client noticed the auto-scalability had reduced form submission issues to zero, translating to significant IT savings in both time and money. With the ability of seeing the totality of application inventory, IT operations were able to deploy updates quickly and fix problems before impacting the business.

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