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Breakthroughs in technology over the last two decades have transformed  banking from a sector requiring vast amounts of paperwork and long queues, to something that is easily done online.

Today, Speridian help banks shift the tedious activity of managing paperwork to a simple digital task that can be accessed anywhere on a user-friendly space. Essentially, this allows banks to streamline their day-to-day activities and optimize customer relations. We achieve this through systems developed on Siebel Open UI, Finacle, and Oracle Flex.

Speridian’s involvement in the banking industry includes work with banks in the UAE such as Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank and Marawid Finance.

Customer Situation

These banks have all had similar requirements, such as the creation of an organized and accessible space for managing different aspects of their banking activities including sales, marketing, leads, and more.

In order to improve their activities and streamline the all the banks’ functions, the following were required:

  • Comprehensive CRM platform for sales, marketing, and service management media
  • Implementation of a unified view for loans, credit card, product and account information
  • Implement a “Next Best Option” functionality
  • Detailed reporting facility for customer behavior and response analytics
  • Segmented view of customers to target marketing campaigns and customer base
  • Customer 360 view

Speridian Solution

By integrating the CRM system with other core banking systems like Finacle (Account), Finnone (Loan) and Visionplus (Card), Speridian has built the best possible solutions and designs. We have integrated CRM systems with other channels like online banking, mobileapp, and websites to capture campaign responses and customer inquiry & complaints.

Speridian has helped create a Corporate Customer Model by introducing an Accounts Module within the existing CRM Solution. This enables the segregation of corporate customers and retail customers within their 360 Degree Information.

Speridian solutions have assisted in takeovers, by building development tests and UAT Environments. We accomplished this by taking control of support activities and the production environment.

Key Deliverables

  • Customer 360 view
  • CRM Platforms
  • Activities and Service Request Modules
  • Online Banking
  • Development tests and UAT environments
  • Corporate Customer Model

Technologies Used

Siebel Open UI

Business Impact

Speridian’s systems for helping banks streamline their functions offer both general and technical advantages:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Gains in Speed, Productivity and Efficiency
  • Optimized bank functions over the long run
  • Providing an accurate and accessible knowledgebase for Agents and Customers
  • Environment Stabilization
  • Batch Interfaces Stabilization & Real Time Interfaces Stabilization
  • Support Process streamlining
  • Streamlining of Enhancement Requests
  • Better insight and visibility for marketing activities management
  • Insightful and meaningful campaigning capability, resulting in higher quality of lead generation and more conversions
  • 360-degree customer insight segregation for Corporate Customers and Retail Customers
  • Single window for automated customer service across multiple channels
  • Best Practices implementation, which will help BANK in the long run even while upgrading in future
  • Optimized service for VIP & Royal customers by providing alerts on customer 360 and offering better TAT upon SR creation
  • Easy and rich front-end UI for increased insight and visibility for the management of sales, service, and marketing activities

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