The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed us to unexpected challenges and unforeseen issues. This crisis will require new ways of thinking, working, and collaborating. All to help your business survive and your people thrive.

Speridian has been in the forefront of this crisis, helping our clients and employees navigate rapidly evolving problems with quick innovative solutions. If you are interested in knowing more about Speridian and how our expertise can support your toughest challenges during this period, contact us at

How Speridian is helping NY State through the COVID-19 Crisis

Speridian collaborated with NY State  to provide the NY Department of Health with a Coronavirus Hotline. Our team deployed a new Cloud Based user interface which enables agents to securely access the knowledgebase from any remote location. The solution allows agents to take calls from home, accessing the latest up-to-the-minute knowledge as well as providing the ability to offer feedback and propose new knowledge content. The Speridian team continues to provide round the clock support as the State’s response to the COVID-19 crisis evolves.

Speridian’s COVID-19 Tracker assists State agencies’ efforts to minimize the community spread of coronavirus

This application was built to help track testing and patient information and community spread of COVID-19. The tracker application will help to minimize community spread of the COVID-19 and to respond timely and efficiently to developing clusters of COVID-19 cases. It allows State Agencies and affiliates to enter and track patient information, testing status and community spread (patients’ interactions with other people and locations) with a consolidated, color coded map based view.

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Speridian builds all-in-one COVID-19 Resource Center for employees

Leveraging the Salesforce Care platform, Speridian built an enhanced knowledge base for our employees with the most up to date authoritative information concerning the COVID-19 crisis. After visiting the self-service portal, employees can also access a hotline number where a live agent will take their questions. The global roll out of the portal will also enable Speridian leadership and HR teams to strengthen internal crisis communication and announcements.

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