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According to The 2021 State CIO Survey from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, 94% of CIOs surveyed said Covid-19 had increased/accelerated the citizen demand for digital government services dramatically or somewhat. Increased implementation of digital government services/citizen experience ranked as the number one change introduced during the pandemic CIOs expect to continue.

The pandemic increased citizen trust in public sector organizations as they relied on your organization to guide them through the crisis, and provide economic and health-related solutions. Now the challenge for public sector organizations to maintain that trust is to offer the same digital services and customer experiences citizens receive from commercial organizations.

In regards to case management, most practices are manual and unable to support the digital customer experiences citizens expect. Legacy systems are often outdated, costly to maintain or update, and can’t provide the data or visibility into cases for effective case management. Due to a lack of tools and information, the case management process is slow, lacks transparency, and can’t meet the expectation of clients. This lack of flexibility also makes it difficult for your organization’s case managers to adapt to changes in their client’s needs.

How can public sector organizations deliver case management services better?

What is case management software?

Case management software is a solution that helps public sector organizations manage cases more efficiently with automated workflows, consolidated data, and a 360-degree view of cases. Using case management software helps case managers gain better insights to deliver personalized service to clients and achieve better outcomes.

What is Salesforce Case Management?

Salesforce Case Management is a platform that enables public sector organizations to gather and assemble client information, review and analyze data, and monitor cases during the entire case lifecycle. It offers an easy-to-use interface and the flexibility to scale or add customer service channels.

When public sector organizations need to deliver quality customer experiences that are digital and mobile-responsive, Salesforce can support the full case management lifecycle, as well as the digital channels that help you connect to citizens.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Case Management?

A single source of truth

Salesforce Case Management integrates with other critical business systems to consolidate data across your organization to provide a single source of truth. By housing information in one centralized location, public sector organizations can break down data silos, allowing users to view the same real-time data throughout the case lifecycle. Using one platform reduces errors and work redundancies, helping users respond to clients faster and more efficiently.

Agility in times of change and disruption

Government financial guidelines and protocols are constantly changing, and as the pandemic proved, your public sector organization needs to be prepared for business disruptions. Salesforce Case Management provides the flexibility and scalability that allows you to remain agile during times of change so that you can continue to serve clients effectively.

Greater visibility into cases

Case management systems that lack access to real-time data and reporting tools make it difficult for your public sector organization to gain insights for strategic decision-making. Manually sorting through data to create reports is a tedious and labor-intensive task. Salesforce Case Management offers a 360-degree view of clients and reports that can be customized to generate the information you need.

Reduce case management costs

Legacy case management systems are often outdated and costly to maintain. With limited funding, public sector organizations have to get the most value from their IT budgets. A cloud-based solution like Salesforce Case Management can reduce costs while providing more options for serving clients. You will no longer have to maintain costly infrastructure and can enjoy increased productivity and case management optimization instead.

Deliver value to citizens with Salesforce Case Management

Public sector organizations face the challenge of maintaining the trust with citizens that has been built during the pandemic. Citizens want the same digital services and customer experiences that they receive from commercial organizations, but your case management legacy system is likely too outdated to serve clients effectively. Salesforce Case Management can support the full case management lifecycle, as well as help you offer the digital channels that help you connect better to citizens.

Speridian is a leading Salesforce consulting partner focused on providing consulting services that assist our clients with optimizing Salesforce. We help our public sector clients implement digital solutions that transform how they connect to citizens and provide value to communities. Clients use our Salesforce Managed Services to not only maintain but also maximize Salesforce and capture more business benefits.

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