Top 3 Benefits of AI in Field Service

by | Nov 8, 2023

Field service technicians have nothing to fear about the advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) in field service management. According to the McKinsey & Company report, 56% of the companies surveyed adopted AI for at least one function. The report also noted that AI adoption was most common for service providers to optimize operations, enhance product quality, and contact center automation.

Instead of replacing technicians, AI technology digitally transforms field services by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows so that field service technicians can focus on completing work orders and satisfying customers.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence are algorithms that enable machines to complete manual tasks, learn from experience and data, and make adjustments. AI isn’t intended to replace humans, but to mimic human capabilities to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes.

Field service organizations are unable to deliver the seamless customer experience expected by customers when they use outdated legacy systems. AI-powered technology empowers field service technicians, helping them to complete work orders faster and competently.

Top 3 benefits of using AI

Better work planning

AI in field service can automate work cycles and effectively streamline the process from scheduling to customer communications. Automation removes the manual work that often results in errors, as well as improves efficiency and the speed at which jobs can be completed.

Connecting equipment to sensors can help field service organizations monitor equipment in real-time and receive a notification when breakdowns are anticipated. This allows the organization to create a predictive maintenance schedule where anticipated breakdowns activate a work order and technicians can fix the equipment before a breakdown occurs.

Increased productivity

With AI field management, intelligent scheduling results in the best qualified technician being assigned to a work order. In addition, mobile apps provided technicians with real-time information they need to complete a job, including equipment details, maintenance history, and instructions for servicing equipment. AI can also be used to monitor the equipment inventory so that technicians can ensure they have everything they need to complete a job on the first visit.

Improved customer experience

AI technology allows field service organizations to respond more effectively to customer expectations by increasing responsiveness and the accuracy of equipment servicing. At each stage of the work cycle, from the activation of a work order through to resolution by a technician, AI-powered technology keeps the customer informed of the progress of a work order.

Furthermore, chatbots are an example of AI in field service that supports contact centers by guiding customers through a sequence of pre-recorded questions and answers. The bots collect information from the customer and learn from the interaction to either manage the request or direct the query to a customer service agent.

Power your business with AI field management

Artificial intelligence can digitally transform field services by automating workflows and allowing organizations to become more productive and efficient. Instead of replacing technicians, field service software and AI-powered mobile apps will make work planning and equipment monitoring easier. Technicians will have access to all of the information they need to competently complete work orders the first time around and keep customers satisfied.

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