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About the Client

New York Department of Tax and Finance (NYDTF) administers more than 40 state and local taxes &  fees, including $14 billion in local sales tax and $8 billion in local income tax. For real property taxes, the department oversees the administration of more than $50 billion annually and works directly with nearly 1,000 local government bodies.

Project Background

NYDTF is looking at enhancing their Contact center using Oracle Service Cloud. They sent out the RFP to all the vendors (70+) empaneled with New York State. Each response received by the state was evaluated both on technical (70%) and financial (30%)  aspects. Speridian was selected after a rigorous RFP process:

  • We provided a clear implementation methodology backed by our years of experience in implementing Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation
  • Our proposed team has veterans who have years of experience implementing the said technologies
  • We were able to portray a clear understanding of the client’s business problem along with a well laid out project plan and show them the path to success

About the Project

We are enhancing the NYDTF’s Contact center using Oracle Service Cloud solution. This call center handles 3 million+ calls for 13 other New York state entities like DOS, DOL, DMV, NYBE etc. The current instance of the Call Center is plagued with issues like:

  • Siloed Knowledge Base – Agents in the customer service center utilize an internally developed Knowledge Base to answer and tally questions
  • Lack of Intuitiveness – The Knowledge Base does not provide any guidance to the agent regarding potential clarifying questions to ask or specifically how to find an answer
  • No click-to-chat or co-browsing capabilities

Speridan solution will enhance the current instance of Oracle Service Cloud. We will also implement Oracle Policy Automation and Knowledge Base, thus enabling agents with effective customer service capabilities.

Key Deliverables

Knowledge Base Data Migration – migration of up to 20,000 legacy SharePoint Knowledge Base articles into OSvC.

Oracle Policy Automation – Implement the OPA environment along with integration between DTF’s OPA and its OSvC instance.

OSvC Implementation which will include

  • Contact Management
  • Incident Management
  • Reporting
  • Computer Telephony Integration with Verizon VCC

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