Government agencies are in greater need for solutions that could streamline the coordination of knowledge, communications, workflow, and resources to efficiently manage their caseloads. Most case management processes are very complex, and a running list of compliance and regulatory requirements makes it tough to implement and manage. Citizens are also demanding faster and responsive services from their government agencies.

Speridian’s CaseXellence management provides a solution for government agencies to tackle this challenge and meet the ever-growing demands of public assistance programs. The CaseXellence platform is built leveraging Speridian’s decades of experience implementing case management solutions for public sector agency programs.


  • Comprehensive case management process and applicant view with one platform.
  • Streamline the coordination of knowledge, communications, workflows, and resources to manage case load.
  • Resolve cases faster with real-time data and tools for collaboration and communication.
  • CaseXellence is highly secured and can be deployed on a FedRAMP certified cloud with PCI, NIST and ADA compliance.
  • Built in fraud prevention and identity-proofing integrations.
  • Move away from disparate legacy systems.
  • Collect customer data, but also understand it with 360-degree views, analytics, and reporting.
  • Become responsive and agile to satisfy the growing demands of citizens.
  • Eliminate manual processes for greater efficiency and time-savings.
  • Automate processes for increased productivity.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Eliminate manual workflows and processes for greater efficiency and time-savings.
  • AI/ML based document processing and customer service.
  • Automate processes for increased productivity and lower operating costs.
  • Improve service delivery to citizens with self-serve portals and other features.
  • Better citizen engagement and communications.
  • Make data-driven decisions and achieve greater ROI.

End-to-end Digital Transformation Solution for Public Sector Agencies

Financial Aid

  • Rental Assistance Programs
  • Homeowner Assistance Programs
  • Housing Stability & Utility Assistance Programs (LIWAP, LIHEAP)
  • Grants Management
  • Student Loan Financial Aid Programs

Justice &
Public Safety

  • Legal Case Management
  • Courts Corrections

Health &
Human Services

  • Integrated Eligibility (Medicaid, SNAP & TANF)
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • ADAP Case management
  • Child Welfare

Gov CX


  • Counties & Municipalities
  • Volunteer management
  • 311
  • License & Permitting


  • Application Submission Process
  • NSLD Loan Upload
  • Robust Rules Engine

Modernizing the case management process

Scalable and modular platform that helps incremental modernization


Our Valued Clients
We make digital transformation easy

Speridian is proud to be implementing CaseXellence for our clients:


FAMS is an easy-to-use system that provides the capabilities ADOH case managers need to help their clients. The time previously spent on managing documentation and repetitive processes has been greatly reduced.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire HAF case managers can spend more time facilitating client cases instead of administrative tasks by using FAMS. The solution has streamlined and simplified the whole process with automation and the ability for case managers to collaborate.


FAMS is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and flexible case management system that provides a secure platform for Florida HAF case managers. Having a robust solution allows case managers to support clients effectively while reducing costs.


Using FAMS makes the daily management of cases a lot easier for the Vermont HAF case managers. As a cloud solution, FAMS gives case managers the flexibility to work efficiently on-site or remotely.

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