Sales representatives spend only 34% of their time selling, according to the third edition of Salesforce’s State of Sales report. Businesses can quickly and easily conceptualize, design, develop, and roll out specialized applications using Salesforce application development tools. To enhance Salesforce capabilities, Salesforce Chrome extensions are a great way to customize the experience while saving time and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Chrome extension overview

The Salesforce AppExchange is a large marketplace with over 5,000 third-party app integrations designed to improve the Salesforce platform. However, Salesforce Chrome extensions are exciting enhancements one can download directly from the Google Chrome browser.

For example, the Salesforce Inbox Chrome extension connects your Gmail inbox to Salesforce. Furthermore, it will increase functionality across platforms so that users spend less time navigating the features in the setup and more time using Salesforce.

The following are the top ten Salesforce Chrome Extensions that aim to increase the efficiency of Salesforce for developers, admins, and users.

1. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher is a free Salesforce Chrome Extension that allows users to search for visual force pages, visual force components, triggers, and apex. If diagnosing errors becomes difficult, with this free tool, Salesforce users will be able to locate and further diagnose the issue they have been experiencing.

2. Salesforce Navigator for Lightning

Salesforce Navigator for Lightning is an effective Chrome extension that enhances Salesforce user experience. It facilitates swift navigation within Salesforce’s Lightning Experience, enabling quick access to any Salesforce page without the need for extensive menu clicks. The tool also supports search functionality for any object or settings, saving valuable time for users. This extension is essential for Salesforce administrators and developers, offering enhanced productivity and a streamlined user interface. It truly simplifies Salesforce navigation, rendering it intuitive and efficient.

3. Salesforce Inspector

A must-have tool for Salesforce administrators, developers, and users. Salesforce Inspector inspects metadata and data directly from the Salesforce UI. This tool will save time whenever users want to manipulate the data further, whether for troubleshooting or investigation.

4. Salesforce DevTools

DevTools is a developer toolkit that includes a Query Editor, fields definitions, an ERD generator, page layout control, and other features. Salesforce developers can use the extension to display API names on Salesforce object detail pages, generate Apex code, export metadata to Excel, and make mass changes (on Salesforce Classic, but not Lightning yet).

5. Salesforce Mass Editor

Salesforce Mass Editor is widely regarded as the most potent extension created for developers and administrators. The main benefit of this extension is that many tasks can be completed using a list view. For example, you can perform Mass Update, Mass Clone, Mass Delete, and Mass Create in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

6. Boostr for Salesforce

Boostr for Salesforce is an invaluable Chrome extension for Salesforce users. It enhances the platform’s usability by automating manual administrative tasks, streamlining complex processes, and offering advanced data management features. It aids in profile comparison, formula field creation, permission set modifications, and metadata search, significantly improving efficiency and productivity. Ideal for administrators and developers, Boostr for Salesforce effectively simplifies Salesforce configuration, boosting overall system performance.

7. Organizer for Salesforce

Organizer is one of the most valuable tools because it allows the admin or developer to forget about Salesforce while recognizing that Salesforce tabs are still open in the browser. Additionally, the user can check the title and color of each org that the user has opened with this tool.

8. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for Salesforce

SOQL Extractor and Analyzer extract SOQL queries and execution counts from Salesforce debug logs with the click of a button. With this extension, you can easily and quickly analyze the “Too Many SOQLs” error. This Salesforce chrome extension not only provides you with information about the objects on which the queries are executed, as well as the count and statistics but also optimize the application’s performance to achieve better results.

9. Better Salesforce Formula Editor

The Better Salesforce Formula Editor Chrome extension significantly improves Salesforce’s standard formula editing capabilities. It offers syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and real-time error checking features that enhance usability and productivity. Its advanced interface aids developers in writing, debugging, and testing complex formulas effortlessly. Users can also benefit from the extension’s functionality to view comprehensive documentation for functions, thereby minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. Ideal for both novice and expert developers, it revolutionizes Salesforce formula creation and management, making the process quicker, more intuitive, and error-free.

10. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard is a valuable Chrome extension designed for Salesforce users. The tool offers customizable features to extend Salesforce dashboard functionality, improving data visualization and interpretation. It empowers users to optimize their dashboards by allowing resizing, dragging, and dropping components, thereby supporting individual data viewing preferences. It’s also equipped with enhanced filtering options for a more precise data representation. This user-friendly tool is essential for anyone seeking an improved and personalized Salesforce experience.

Improve productivity with Salesforce Chrome Extensions

A Salesforce Chrome Extension can help you whether you are a Salesforce administrator, sales representative, or developer. However, don’t limit your search for extensions to the AppExchange. Salesforce-related apps abound in the Chrome Web Store. Each Salesforce Chrome Extensions can help you save time and effort on tasks ranging from changing settings to moving between Salesforce org.

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