Superior Field Service with Mobilize Apps

Field Service organizations are constantly pressurized to cut costs and to provide stellar service.
Increasing the productivity of the Field Service technician, eliminating errors during data collection, and improving repair times are some of the challenges which organizations are trying to solve. The Aberdeen Group, in its Research on Field Service, says 51% of leading field service organizations highlighted that investments in mobile tools was a top strategic action to improve field service.
With Speridian's Mobilize, your mobile workforce has real-time access to information they need in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Supervisors and Administrators have real-time visibility on the location of the field service staff and the status of jobs, and are able to easily schedule jobs based on staff availability. The chart below cites a few examples of how Speridian's Mobilize can address specific challenges of today's field service organizations.

  • Challenge
  • The Mobilize Solution
  • Low Productivity of Technician: Paperwork is time consuming and reduces the productivity of technicians.
  • Mobilize can automate paper-based forms and provide bar code scanning and photo capture features. Photographs can be embedded into a form or made part of the service history.
  • Data Errors: Handwritten, paper-based forms are prone to errors that result in reduced productivity and higher costs to fixing errors.
  • Mobilize can automate data collection and design it to be selection based data entry vs. input based data entry. Forms can be designed with drop down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, and auto fill capabilities further reduce data entry errors.
  • Multiple Site Visits: Lack of accurate data, customer history or repair manuals lead to multiple site visits with increased costs.
  • With Mobilize, the technician can never forget a manual! All manuals and documents can be built into a single device / application and the entire customer history is readily available to the technician on the device.
  • Service Level Agreement Compliance: SLA compliance levels to be met 100%
  • The scheduling component of Mobilize provides Administrators with the capability to find technicians with lesser workloads, proximity to job location, etc. An efficient job scheduling system leads to increased compliance levels.
  • Rising Operational Costs: Fuel and vehicle maintenance costs are on the rise.
  • Administrators are able to dynamically schedule jobs based on the technicians' work schedule or location. Fewer miles travelled imply lesser fuel and maintenance costs.