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80% of customers believe that their brand experience is as important as the products they buy. To create a unified and seamless journey for customers, B2B and B2C companies need to optimize internal and external channels, and Salesforce Customer 360 helps to do just that. The Salesforce Customer 360 architecture provides actionable insights into customer relationships to enable your business to create better customer experiences.

What is Salesforce Customer 360?

It is a solution that provides a 360-degree view of customers based on previous interactions and collected data. It helps businesses connect Salesforce applications such as Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud to streamline internal operations, digitalize processes, and provide good customer experiences.

This article gives you a broad overview of the Customer 360 platform and its main features. 

Key Features of Salesforce Customer 360

It integrates sales, services, marketing, commerce, and community functions in one CRM platform. A few of Salesforce Customer 360’s important features are as follows:

Sales: Salesforce Sales Cloud increases your sales opportunities with insights into lead scores and customer interactions.

Marketing: You can use Marketing Cloud to create personalized and targeted journeys from Customer 360.

Privacy Center: Salesforce Customer 360 Privacy Center allows users to easily manage how your organization maintains, deletes, anonymizes, and transfers customer information.

Data Analytics: Data analytics helps users understand customers through enhancements like Tableau and AI machine learning.

Integrations: You can easily integrate Salesforce with ERP and CRM systems or develop your own integration using APIs.

Partners: Use the Salesforce AppExchange to add new features to Salesforce Customer 360 with pre-integrated CRM applications.

Role of Salesforce Customer 360 in Digital Transformation

Developing a 360-degree view of customers rewards businesses regardless of industry. It helps collect fragmented data from different sources and synthesize it into a consolidated 360-degree view with real-time data and insights.

As more and more customers expand their digital footprint, valuable data from the customer journey, such as recently purchased items to day-to-day interactions. It can be collected and analyzed for future sales campaigns.

Keeping customer information in one place drives sales and marketing growth, a better understanding of customer behavior, and, most significantly, is helping businesses understand how to provide a more personalized customer experience.

With a 360-degree customer view, every interaction with your business can be experiential instead of transactional, which is the key to long-term customer relationships.


Salesforce Customer 360’s features help businesses optimize internal processes and provide better customer experiences. Salesforce 360 enables businesses to digitally transform, stay ahead of their competitors, and provide the best solutions to their customers.

Enhance your people, operations, and technologies by working with Speridian, a Salesforce Consulting Partner who understands your unique business needs. We have assisted businesses across industries in developing a 360-degree view of customers by adding Salesforce Customer 360 to their technology stack. Our Salesforce managed services are designed to provide the maintenance and support that allows your business to focus on achieving your objectives.

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