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Loan Management Solution


Speridian’s Loan Management Solutions is a comprehensive, integrated, customizable, browsed based solution. This is designed to manage the complete lifecycle of loan (LAP (Co-Lending), Home Loan , Business Loan, Personal Loan, Gold Loan, Vehicle Finance, Supply Chain Finance). It enables consumers to quickly implement custom-made products and automate their business processes, thus improving overall operational efficiency. Speridian creates a consistent, seamless digital borrower experience for large multinational corporations, mid-sized and small business customers, and consumers.


Complete Business Control

Robust system architecture handles automation and adapts to product requirements with an embedded rules engine

Regulatory Compliance

Government regulatory requirements and statutory reports are automated and delivered in a timely, accurate manner

360 Degree Customer View

Financial institution will be able to track all relationships and facilities for each customer on a single platform

User Based Work Engine

User-based workflows automate processes, eliminating duplicate work and printing/mailing of documents

Modification to Existing Loans

Enables easy modification to existing lends

Operational Efficiency

Straight through and bulk processing capabilities and API stack for digital loan servicing


Client can define various types of transaction and allocation priorities along with multiple configurations

Flexible Repayment Frequency

Daily, weekly, and bi-weekly repayment frequencies supported for both, single and multiple disbursals

Value Added Products

Offer loan and value-added products to reduce operational costs and increase profit margin

Collateral Linking

Provision to link an existing collateral to an active or closed loan


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Beacon Banking Solutions
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